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Public events and activities are run by the Thanet Coast Project with the help of volunteers - mainly Coastal Wardens/Guardians.  Whilst the majority of the events were cancelled in 2020 (to keep in line with the government coronavirus advice & measures) a small team of volunteers were involved on a project that filmed some of our shoreline species that could be found - by running 'virtual seashore safaris' - see below!    The Thanet Coast Project gratefully acknowledges donations from Haeckels of Margate to ensure that we can continue our remit and work.

There are numerous practical opportunities for volunteers to help on the coast - see 'Coastal Wardens', Beach Cleans & 'Coastbusters'.  

Advice on school/group visits can be found under the learning section on this website (for when there are no restrictions on numbers).


SAFETY:  For the: Latest coronavirus information and Public health advice.  In Thanet, there is a Beach Management Plan 2021 helping everyone to 'respect, protect and enjoy' Thanet's coastline - see press release (30/3/21) and Beach Safety Information & infographics2020.  Thanet's 'Beaches and Coast PSPO (Public Space Protection Order) replaced the old coastal bylaws on 1 April 2021.


Thanet Coast Project events:   


Virtual Seashore Safaris 

Explore Thanet’s chalk rocky shore for its fascinating rockpool wildlife.  This series of videos have been produced by Thanet Coast volunteers to enable you to enjoy a virtual safaris yourself - and get a glimpse of what they found.

You can download the 'Rockpooling Fun' booklet to help you explore the rockpools. Watch the rockpooling responsibly video clip first....and also a few virtual safaris to see what you may find!  Just arrange a safe time for your outling - check the weather & tide (best when it is going out - ebb tide - and over low tide), and ensure you have the right footwear, clothing and equipment for the weather 


Further advice to help you explore:


New Virtual Seashore Safaris (August 2020): view online (1-5) 


Online Scavenger Hunt 

 - Coming soon!


Seashore Safaris  - July /August 2021

Summer events - coming soon!

Explore Thanet’s chalk rocky shore for its fascinating rockpool wildlife.  Join one of the series of safaris touring different Thanet Coast bays to explore the chalk reef and rockpools to see what shore life can find. These events are run with the help of Thanet Coast volunteers.


Coastal Warden/Guardian - Introductory Training

This is the introductory course for new volunteers to help as Coastal Wardens/Guardians on the North East Kent coast which includes the NE Kent MPA (from Whitstable to Sandwich Bay).

Volunteers adopt a local bay or stretch of coastline and help look after local marine and bird life in your patch. We will take you through the history of the North East Kent Marine Protected Area (NEKMPA) and the management scheme, your role as a coastal warden/guardian and the different opportunities where you can help.

  • TBC May 2021 - Note:All new volunteers will need to complete an online registration form first, before getting an invite to book on this course nearer the time.



Other Opportunities & Events:

Other opportunities and events around the coast include:  

Coastal Wardens/Guardians/Volunteering

Local people can get actively involved with looking after their own chosen stretch of coastline by enrolling as a NEKMPA Coastal Warden with activities and training opportunities throughout the year.  In addition, you can volunteer to join the 'Coastbusters' (non-native species control teams - currently targeting Pacific Oysters) around NE Kent; or with 'Making a Buzz for the Coast' - with task days or Bird Wise East Kent for our internationally important bird life.

Coastal Community Beach Hut

Games, crafts and educational resources on Margate & Ramsgate Main Sands particularly suitable for community groups with young families: Find out more  

Beach Cleans for Community Groups

Community groups can organise their own beach cleans, or join in with ones that are currently organised by local groups.  Find out more or join an event! 

School/Group Excursions 

Schools, clubs or large group excursions can view the variety of marine and coastal wildlife around the Thanet coastline depending upon the tide being in or out; and see evidence of coastal erosion, run beach inspired activities, or just visit for general coastal leisure opportunities.  More information  (who to notify, bay facilities and online resources) for when coroavirus restrictions are relaxed to allow this activity again.



For more information:

More events around in the area can be found at:

Mobility Access:  Many of our beaches have 'all terrain wheelchairs' available for booking for anyone with mobility impairment. For further information and for donations to help this superb charity, please visit the website: Beach Within Reach  

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