Interactive learning

Surf your way into these sea life links


  • MarLIN's Learning Zone - Marine Life Information Network's learning zone with sections for Teachers, an Activity Zone and for Marine Life Identification. 
  • iSpot (Open University) - helps you learn about wildlife identification, putting beginners and experts in touch via a safe and friendly website.
  • Kent & Essex IFCA's Learning Zone for teachers & children - information, activities, & facts about local fish & creatures that live in the sea around the Kent & Essex coast


Or, have a look at:

  • Primary & Secondary school World Ocean Day resources - exploring the journey of plastic  (Environment Agency, 2021)
  • Coast for Kids (Environment Agency, 2021) - a collaborative experience between children and their parents, coastal scientists, community artists, teachers, animators and coastal managers.



Or, look at the formal learning pages - which include these fun & learning activities / resources on the coast linked to the national curriculum:



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