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Join in our coastal events or try one of these:

Be a Coastal Detective

Print off your own ‘palm-top’ computer for young detectives to investigate the coast during your visit. Print double sided and fold into four to hold in the palm of your hand.

Fortune Teller - Seashore Creatures Table Manners

To describe the eating habits of creatures found on the seashore.


Thanet Coast - Seashore Life

This series of information sheets that have been drawn up by Lester Hovenden (Coastal Warden) for interpretation at the Thanet Coast 'Seashore Safaris'

1 - Common Crabs (370KB, PDF)

2 - Inshore Fish  (369KB, PDF)

3 - Inshore fish rarities  (423KB, PDF)

4 - Jellyfish (905KB, PDF)

5 - Cuttlefish & Squid (417KB, PDF)

6 - Animals, not plants!  (801KB, PDF)

7 - Crab sexes (139KB, PDF - image only)


Jellyfish - on the coast 

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