How to report potential hazards

Please report potential hazards or unusual items such as canisters, drums or oil affected birds washed up on the beach to help the authorities deal with any problems quickly.


Coastguard, Ambulance, Police or Fire         

Phone: 999

If someone appears to be in trouble in the water

Call 999 and ask for Coastguard 



If the incident is on the beach, above high water mark:

Environmental Agency - (Shore based hazardous pollution )
Phone: 0800 807060

If the incident is in the sea, below high water mark:

HM Coastguard, Dover  (Shipping pollution/incidents)
Phone: 01304 210008

Injured animals and birds

If found stranded, injured or in distress on the beach, phone:

  • RSPCA0300 1234 999    (Injured birds/animals) 
  • BDMLR: 01825 765546    (for marine wildlife; 9am-5pm Mon-Fri) or
  •              07787 433412    (BDMLR out of hours/bank holidays)

If found dead/alive, please do not touch or try to move it, report to:

  • Thanet Coast Project: 01843 577672

(Out of office hours, call Thanet District Council on 01843 577000) 


Take oil-affected sea birds to your local veterinary centres:

  • Birchington Veterinary Centre, 9 Minnis Road CT7 9SD   Phone: 01843 845347
  • Eagle Vets Birchington, 4 Eastfield Road CT7 9RH 01843 845050
  • Thanet Vets Margate, College Road, Margate CT9 5TP   Phone: 01843 226678
  • Companion Care Vets, Broadstairs - Inside Pets at Home, Westwood Road CT10 2RQ
  • Westgate Veterinary Centre, 88 St Mildreds Rd  CT8 8RF   Phone: 01843 833017
  • Briar House Veterinary Centre, 13-15 St Peters Rd, Broadstairs   Phone: 01843 863395
  • PDSA Animal Hospital, 292 Northdown Road, Margate CT9 2PT   Phone: 01843 269933 
  • Plunkett's Veterinary Surgery, 154 High St, Ramsgate CT11 9TT   Phone: 01843 591899   (& 1 Millmead Road, Margate CT9 3QQ)



Illegal fishing at sea, abandoned fixed nets, or unauthorised commercial collecting.

Contact Kent & Essex IFCA:                                01843 585310

Crime, incidents, suspicious activities, vandalism & anti-social behaviour

To report these incidents, call:

Kent Police Non Emergency reporting number:     101

Crime/Suspicious activity on the Kent coast: Kent Police (Project Kraken)

Anti-Social Behaviour (Thanet area):                   01843 577888


If you find fly tipping or graffiti on the beach:

For Thanet: 

or contact the relevant Local Authorities concerned - see below!


Owners are required to clean up after their dog in all public places. Several beaches are dog-free in the summer - look at our dog walking on the Thanet Coast advice or dog PSPOs for details.

Contact Local Authorities – see below. 

Local bylaws on the foreshore

Your local authority is responsible for local bylaws; but there are also voluntary codes of conduct: Thanet Coastal Codes 

Note:  in some cases a criminal offence may also have been committed, and the police may need to be involved. However, you should leave this decision to the Council.

Thanet District Council:    01843 577000

Dover District Council:     01304 821199

Canterbury City Council:  01227 862000

Foreshore - Thanet Council (9am-5pm Monday - Friday): 01843 577274

Foreshore - Whitstable to Reculver (Canterbury): 01227 266719



112   Emergency number (any mobile around the world)

111   Non-emergency - Medical 

101   Non-emergency - Police

Thanet Coast (NEKMPA)

c/o Thanet District Council,

PO Box 9, Cecil Street, Margate, Kent CT9 1XZ
United Kingdom



Tony Child

Thanet Coast (NE Kent Marine Protected Area) Officer

Telephone: +44 (0) 1843 577672

(based in Manston Road Depot)