Getting everyone involved

The Stakeholder approach - a first for North East Kent

The Stakeholder approach was unique in that it was the first time in this country that many different representative coastal users were brought together through a series of "consensus building" workshops (during the 1990s) to help produce a coastal management scheme.

These Stakeholders identified the problems which their own activities may cause to wildlife and worked together to develop a way forward.  They agreed a number of key actions, including action required to tackle obvious gaps in management and information. These actions included the development of a new Coastal Wildlife Project (the Thanet Coast Project) and a series of voluntary codes for various coastal activities.

The management and advisory set up.

Management And Advisory Set Up2015


Management Group: oversees the management of the NE Kent Marine Protected Area (meets 2/yr)

Advisory Group: identifies and encourages research to help with future management decisions (meets 2-4/yr)

Stakeholders: representatives of coastal users and activities

Thanet Coast Project: ‘not-for-profit’ initiative (2 staff* and volunteers) that reports to the Management Group and stakeholders, with Thanet Council as the employing authority. *In 2015/16, this includes the Coastal Communities Funded 'Thanet Coast - Engagement Officer'.

Background Information for new Stakeholders:

NEKMPA (NE Kent) Stakeholders - 2014 (204 KB, Pdf)

Thanet Coast (NEKMPA)

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Tony Child

Thanet Coast (NE Kent Marine Protected Area) Officer

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