The Thanet coast - amongst the best wildlife sites around!

This website covers information about the important habitats for marine and bird life around the North East Kent coast.  This information relates to the management of a number of nature conservation designations, known as the North East Kent Marine Protected Area (NEKMPA) which includes the North East Kent European Marine Site (NEKEMS) and the more recent Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ). These sites are amongst some of the best wildlife sites in Europe.

The Thanet Coast Project works with local people to help safeguard the wildlife and the coastlines' unique features, and is now reliant on upon 100% grants and donations from local businesses and through public contributions. 

Please help support local coastal and marine conservation work if you are able to donate to help our coastal and marine work.


  • Thanet Coast Project events - join us on an event - whilst Spring events are cancelled in view of current coronavirus mitigation measures; please keep a look out for the latest advice on whether our summer events are running here. 




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